Walking and cycling

If you love walking and cycling, you’ll love Lanarkshire. In this latest selection of routes, you will find that the experience just keeps getting better.

Cycling, given such a boost in recent years by our success in the Commonwealth and Olympic Games as well as the increasing emphasis on eco-friendly travel, is well represented in our guide.

Lanarkshire offers a variety of routes for all ages and abilities - from the steep climbs of the Campsies to the urban trails through the area’s rich industrial heritage.

Since the pandemic, walking in the great outdoors has gained popularity and our guide reflects this with a rich selection of paths through varied landscapes.

For wildlife, try the walk out of Cumbernauld that takes in the urban wildlife reserve at Luggiebank before climbing up to the high moors of Palacerigg Country Park.

At the other end of the region, the Carmichael History Walk runs around the Carmichael Estate and traces the footsteps of Clan Carmichael back to the 14th century.

But the common thread to all of these routes is that you don’t have to travel miles to enjoy them – Lanarkshire is accessible to millions yet retains many peaceful and seldom explored corners.

Alive with historic sites, bountiful opportunities to see life in the wild and well stocked with restaurants, pubs and cafés, walking and cycling in Lanarkshire offers an abundance of wonderful days out.

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VisitLanarkshire. Perfect place, perfectly paced. The guide includes 25 walking/cycling routes to suit all ages and abilities. We’re less than an hour’s drive from most locations in Central Scotland so get planning your day trip now. Or check out our attraction and accommodation listings and treat yourself to the ideal mini break. You know you want to!

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