Historical activities in Lanarkshire

Lanarkshire is rich in history, with a heritage dating back centuries that many visitors travel to the area to discover.

The Romans never succeeded in overpowering Britain entirely over the period of their occupation, but their mark on Lanarkshire remains. The Antonine Wall in Scotland was designated a world heritage UNESCO site in 2008, and visitors can experience the site built to be the northern frontier of the Roman Empire. Construction commenced in AD 142, and the structure amassed a colossal 60km from Firth of the Clyde to the east of the country Firth of the Forth.

The region is spoiled by not only 1 UNESCO heritage site but 2 with the award-winning New Lanark World Heritage Site. The visitor attraction welcomes over 300,000 visitors annually who enjoy learning about the heritage of a fantastically-preserved 18th-century cotton mill. More than 2000 people were said to live in the village, one of the largest in the world at the time, where they manufactured cotton for 200 years. You can discover more about Antonine Wall and New Lanark by visiting our UNESCO trail.

There are plenty of museums in Lanarkshire in popular towns like Cumbernauld and Motherwell. The region also boasts the Duncarron Medieval Village, where visitors can experience hands-on Scottish history and view props from popular TV productions, including Outlander.

View the map below to discover an abundance of historical sites you can visit during your trip to Lanarkshire.