Calderglen – Langlands Moss

A walk of two halves, the route starts in beautiful Calderglen Park, where there are plenty of attractions and diversions for things to do. The second part of the walk heads across Langlands Moss Nature Reserve.


Calderglen Country Park

A lovely park with a children’s zoo, playparks, woodland walks, gallery and the Courtyard Café. It is also the home of historic Torrance House (not open to the public). The northern section of the park is a Geological Site of Special Scientific Interest.

Wooded glen

A scenic wooded glen forged out, by the Rotten Calder River, which is a tributary of the River Clyde extends more than three miles and has many attractive waterfalls and important geological features.

Historic burial ground

The burial ground of the Stuarts of Torrance is situated Crutherland Glen, a short way east of Crutherland House (now the Crutherland House Hotel).

Langlands Moss Nature Reserve

A raised bog was formed around 10,000 years ago at the end of the last Ice Age. Retreating ice left behind hollows where pools of water formed. Over time, dead plant material built up in the water, slowly decaying and creating peat layers. As the peat increased, plant roots were unable to reach the water and died. The only serving plants were mosses. Today, the reserve is home to sphagnum mosses and heather. In summer, the heather is very colourful. It is also a huge carbon store and an important wildlife and insect hub.


Start at Calderglen Country Park. There are several woodland trails to follow through the park.

The Calderglen/Langlands Moss trail follows the “Tor Trail” markers, winding down into the trees and along the river.

The first waymarker directs you to Horseshoe Falls to the left, if you want to walk down to the pretty waterfall.

You can loop back round to join the path, which leads to Langlands Moss.

Otherwise, go right and follow the path through the trees. It is peaceful and quiet.

You might catch a glimpse of Crutherland House, now a hotel, through the trees on the opposite bank of the River Calder.

The track opens up as you walk alongside Torrance House Golf Club.

Follow it down to walk under the road beneath the two bridges. There is an old bridge and the New Flatt Bridge, built in 1999 as part of the Strathaven Road improvements.

Look out or different birds and wildflowers, butterflies, and snails.

Normally the path would continue along the riverside, but a significant part of it has collapsed, so there is a diversion in place. Laminated signs lead the way.

The path joins the main road through Langlands Industrial Estate and it is here you would normally cross into Langlands Moss for the next portion of the route.

However, two malicious fires which destroyed the boardwalk over the Moss and current tree-felling and re-planting works have substantially altered where you can walk.

At this point you can simply retrace your steps and head back into Calderglen via the route you came, perhaps choosing a different trail once inside the park if you want to vary your walk.

If you choose to walk on, there are still parts of Langlands Moss to explore.

As you follow the path from the road, you will pass the Moss itself on your left. Part of the boardwalk remains in place, so it is possible to admire this incredible beauty spot from this point.

However, you can’t cross the Moss via the boardwalk and signs point you to a new woodland walk, approximately 100 yard along the path.

Follow the signs and cross a small wooden bridge over a burn to continue on the woodland walk.

The track takes you along beside the remaining trees and up a slope to the other side of the boardwalk.

From here, you can turn right and walk through the woodland to join the road into Auldhouse village, or retrace your steps down the slope and back out on to the path.

Turn left and walk down through the industrial estate, where you can cross the road and rejoin the walking route back to Calderglen.

The walk through Langlands Moss is not the prettiest at the moment, but significant works are underway to improve this important natural and return to its former glory.

Car park at Calderglen Country Park
Train: East Kilbride (2 miles); Bus: Strathaven Road
5 miles/8km
Generally good footpaths and pavement. Grassy track at Langlands Moss. Wooden steps and bridges, moderately steep inclines, sometimes rocky underfoot

Image of Calderglen – Langlands Moss