Crawford & Abington

The cycle route follows quiet back roads and uses a cycle lane along the busy A702 to link the two historic villages of Crawford and Abington.

The River Clyde is never far away as you ride first north through the Clyde valley, along the eastern side of the river and then south on the western side.

The nearby hills are the Lowthers, which have been described as God’s Own Treasure House thanks to the naturally occurring gold.

The hills have been mined for this precious mineral since Roman times and while the mines are now closed plenty of reminders remain, including mining villages and miners’ cottages, piles of spoil and old railways.


Mercat cross There is a mercat cross (market cross) at Crawford. The origins of a mercat cross – they can be seen all over Scotland – is that it was erected as a symbolic representation of the right to hold a regular market or fair. It served as an indication of a town’s relative prosperity.

Crawford Castle

Also called Lindsay Tower, the castle is now a ruin, but in the 16th century it was the location for a dinner between King James V and the French ambassador. The king, who was about to be married to Magdalene of France, presented his guests with cups full of gold pieces.


The village was strategically important for the Romans and there is still evidence of forts and settlements in the area. Just north of the village, earthworks date from the 12th century.

Upper Clyde Parish Church

Located in Abington, a grey-and-brown stone church, which is edged in red, has a foundation stone that was laid on August 9, 1898.


Turn left as you leave the car park (heading north)

Follow the road uphill to pass Crawford’s mercat cross, located on a red-chipped traffic island.

Turn right on to Camps Road, signed for Camps Reservoir and  Lindsay Tower.

Once over the River Clyde take first left uphill.

Continue for a couple of miles then turn left at Mountview Caravan Park and continue uphill to Abington.

At the fire station in Abington turn left.

Follow A702 and join the cycle lane.

Continue to a roundabout at Crawford where you take the first left and descend into the village on Carlisle Road to return to start.

OS Landranger 72
Car park (public toilets), Carlisle Road, Crawford
Train: Lanark (18 miles)
6 miles / 9.6km
Cycle lane by A702 and quiet back roads where the surface is rough in places. Note: Fast traffic on the A702 might put off those with younger children

Image of Crawford & Abington