Carmichael History Walk

The walk explores historic Carmichael Estate and traces the footsteps of Clan Carmichael back to the 14th century. The route offers a pleasant, family friendly walk with fantastic views to Tinto hill and across the surrounding countryside.


Carmichael Visitor Centre

The centre includes a heritage exhibition and a farm shop.

Carmichael House

Built in 1734, the house replaces a tower destroyed by Oliver Cromwell. The corridor linking the two wings was added later and removed the need to have a carriage on stand-by to provide transport between them.


Built in 1750, the ornate stone dovecot would have provided the estate with eggs and meat.

Hyndford memorial

The monument sits on top of Carmichael hill and remembers the 2nd earl of Hyndford, who was a distinguished diplomat.


The building dates from the time when major landowners where required by the crown to maintain a battalion.


From car park make your way to the Carmichael Visitor Centre. Walk through to the courtyard and on your right hand side is a children’s play area. You can pick the estate walk from here.

Go round the fenced enclosure on to a red gravel path.

Follow the red gravel track as it cuts through a strip of woodland.

Follow track through woodland and turn steeply uphill past a red-brick cottage to reach a T-junction.

At main drive, turn left. Follow the main drive around a walled area. Continue to follow the road to round a left bend, where you will be greeted with views of the Carmichael House ruins.

Continue along the track past the front of Carmichael House and then along the gravel track past a dwelling on your right hand side.

You will come to a crossroads with entrances to fields to your left and right. Take the track on the right.

Pass through a gate and follow the quad bike track uphill.

Continue to follow rising ground to Hyndford monument.

From monument, make your way to strip of conifers. Go round the top of the strip and follow a deer fence steeply downhill.

At the bottom of the hill turn right (second sign on the route)and go round to right at barracks on the gravel track, where you will come to a T-junction.

At the T-junction, turn right to return via outward route past red brick cottage.

Carmichael Visitor Centre, Warrenhill Road
Train: Lanark railway station 5 miles; Bus: service between Lanark and Thankerton (2 mile walk along Perryflats Road (not A73)
distance: 4 miles/6.4km. elevation: 520ft/159m
Estate roads, hill tracks, open hillside. There is one steep slope to descend. There are only a few signposts

Image of Carmichael History Walk