New Lanark – Falls of Clyde

New Lanark, which is a UNESCO World Heritage site, is a great visitor destination. From the visitor centre, you can follow the banks of the River Clyde as it surges through a narrow gorge and over three spectacular waterfalls.

As you walk, look out for a wide variety of wildlife. If you are lucky you may spot the blue flash of a kingfisher as it flies by or one of the resident peregrine falcons. There are otter and badger, too.


New Lanark

In the early 19th century, philanthropist and utopian idealist Robert Owen created what he believed was a model industrial community. Staff lived in a newly built village and worked on what became Scotland’s largest cotton mill. Today, the mill is a UNESCO World Heritage site and a popular tourist attraction.

Falls of Clyde

To give it the official title, it’s the Scottish Wildlife Trust - Falls of Clyde Visitor Centre and Wildlife Reserve. The Falls of Clyde is the collective name of four linn on the River Clyde near New Lanark, including the upper falls of Bonnington Linn, Corra Linn, Dundaff Linn, and the lower falls of Stonebyres Linn. Corra Linn is the highest, with a fall of 26 metres. There is also a Peregrine Watch.

Corra Castle

Perched above the Corra Linn, this is where William Wordsworth wrote a poem about the castle and the falls.

Clydesholm Bridge

The narrow humpback bridge was built in 17th century.

Castlebank Park

A beautiful park and site of Lanark castle, where William Wallace began his rebellion against English rule.


The route is well signposted but mobile phone reception can be patchy, so don’t rely on your phone for directions.

From the New Lanark Visitor Centre go down steps to mill shop and turn left.

Beyond the old schoolhouse go to the right to SWT visitor centre and a close-up view of Dundaff Linn.

Climb steps to the left.

At the top, turn right through an archway to follow the River Clyde.

At the end of the boardwalk, go to the right.

At the hydro power station, follow signposts off to the right and climb to a viewpoint.

Continue upstream to a weir and cross the Clyde.

Turn right downstream. Head right and follow a footpath along the Clyde. You might need to follow diversion while peregrines are nesting.

Continue to Corra Castle and from there continue downstream.

At each junction turn right to continue downstream.

The footpath emerges at old lodge house in Kirkfieldbank.

Turn right downhill to join Clyde Walkway and cross Clydesholm bridge.

Go through a gate in between properties at the far side of the bridge and descend to rejoin the footpath by the Clyde.

Continue uphill at a water plant and follow a single track road to the top of a hill. Turn right into Castlebank Park.

In the park, turn right before a big house to follow the Clyde walkway steeply downhill and then uphill into New Lanark.

OS Landranger 72
New Lanark visitor centre
Train: Lanark railway station 2 miles; Bus: regular service between Lanark Interchange & New Lanark
7 miles/11.3km
Good footpaths to Bonnington Linn. Paths can be muddy on opposite bank to Kirkfieldbank

Image of New Lanark – Falls of Clyde