The tranquil village of Crawfordjohn is located deep in the picturesque hills and valleys of South Lanarkshire. Crawfordjohn is a small, rural village that has coined the phrase 'Out of the world and into Crawfordjohn'. The small village is home to the Crawfordjohn Heritage Centre which has taken up residence in the old parish church. It is here that you can explore the history and heritage of this rural town when it is open throughout the summer months.

A small farming community was first recorded around 1300. A rector was in residence in 1450 by the name of Robert de Glendonwyn. James, second Marquis of Hamilton in 1611, remained in the ducal house until 1693 when it was conveyed to the Marquis of Linlithgow (a younger son of the house), here again, it remained until late in 1700’s, when it was sold along with the neighbouring barony of Crawford to Sir George Colebrooke, Bart. The Colebrooke family retained ownership of the barony and lands until the early 1900’s when the estate was put up for sale and gradually disposed of.

Images from Crawfordjohn