Once known as the 'Iron Burgh' because of its many ironworks, Coatbridge is now home to the Time Capsule leisure centre and Summerlee – Scottish Museum of Industrial Heritage.

The town of Coatbridge lies east of Glasgow, in North Lanarkshire and has strong links with Lanarkshire's industrial heritage. The present-day street layout of the town centre was largely influenced by the planning of the Baird family who owned one of the town's largest ironworks.

Summerlee Museum of Scottish Industrial Life, a four-star visitor attraction provides an exciting look at the Industrial History of Lanarkshire and Scotland.

Coatbridge was part Gartsherrie, in the parish of Old Monkland. The population increased due to the iron trade and work in nearby coal mines, also the Dundyvan and Summerlee ironworks were large employers. Coatbridge is on the road from Airdrie to Glasgow and the Monkland canal runs through the town.

At the turn of the last century, Coatbridge was the eighth-largest town in Scotland. The town became known as 'the industrial heartland of Scotland' and the 'Iron Burgh. It was formed by the amalgamation of a number of local villages: Old Monkland and Kirkshaws, Coatbridge, Coatdyke, Dundyvan, Gartsherrie, Langloan and Whifflet.

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